, is a division of Platinum Enterprise Group Services.
We were founded in 1996 in Daytona Beach, Fla. We have been invited members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2003.

We are comprised of several college graduates who, when we were in school, loved to do 3 things:

1) Party
       2) Road trip
     3) Be seen

We found that it was hard to find reliable and trustworthy information about the events we chose to go to.  When we searched the web, there were pictures of the events and no information such as:

If you have planned a trip like this before you understand the problem.

Thus, in 1997 we were formed as the online resource for several major urban event listings.  We are not the HYPE; we are the solution to the issues.  It has been a long hard road and we are finally getting our just due.  City officials and major promoters use our website as venues to promote the themes and reliable information of the event and provide the client with options on how to get to these events.

Even though you are attending these events, you need to know WHATS POPPIN!

It's no secret that African American events are under attack.  No doubt you have seen or may have experienced the police harassment, stores closing for business due to black events during a given weekend and the list goes on.  Not to mention that special events are fueled by supply and demand. That means you spend lots of money on these events and the price can be so high it makes folks not want to come.  If you add on social and political issues you can just imagine what kind of chaos can start.

 We feel that, amongst other things, if the clients who attend these events were educated and informed about  what the politics are and what is expected of them, provided discounted  travel options, and most of all WHATS POPPIN with the activities, it may make for a better time for both the client and the city.